Praed Projects is proud to offer a full scope of design services.  We design, furnish and consult for a wide range of residential and commercial clients, on projects both large and small. As a firm, we believe that the traditional business model is out of sync with the needs of today's design client. Given the product information and resources available to consumers, clients demand more transparency. To meet this need, Praed Projects does two very important things differently:

  • We bill in a simple and transparent way. Principle design work is billed at a flat rate of $195 per hour, while non-design and administrative work is billed at $85 per hour. Retail product is assessed a nominal 10% upcharge and trade-only (wholesale) resources are assessed a 30% upcharge. 
  • We do not limit resourcing and curation to the field's customary, designer-only resources. Instead, we embrace using a wide range of products and retailers, catering each selection to the individual and specific needs of the client.